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Bridgewatch BWA-2 (BNWAS)

Bridgewatch system of high quality for a very Competitive price.

The bridge navigational watch alarm system monitors bridge activity and detects operator disability that could lead to marine accidents. The system monitors the awareness of the Officer Of the Watch (OOW) and automatically alerts the Master or another qualified person if for any reason the OOW becomes incapable

Components of BWA-2 Watch Alarm System

  • 1 Main panel
  • 1 moving detector
  • 1 Central unit
  • 1 Alarm sounder for Captain
  • 1 Alarm sounder for Crew
  • Authorized person (Master) switches on system by single turning the key-switch ON..OFF..AUTO control panel to position. System's running is indicated by reset push button. Time is set by key-switch "3 min", "9 min", "12 min") as well.

    If dormant period (3 min, 9 min, 12 min) shall not be changed, authorized person (Master) pull of the key. Dormant period is counting down from the moment that system has been switched on. Dormant period is the period within OOW is monitored but no further alert has been triggered.

    The dormant period is reset by the reset push button or by movment in his actual work area on the bridge (moving detector)